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Discover how our unique community-centric focus provides amazing opportunities for you to raise the capital required for your project while providing individulas the opportunity to make investments that will directly impact their community.

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C3Funding focuses entirely around a local community, connecting local inviduals, organization and businesses with local investors. These strategic partnerships can impact local culture, education, economy....
It all starts by finding your community!

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The potential of community-centric crowdfunding is revolutionary. Looking for more information about C3Funging or have a specific question on how we can help you get started? We are only one mouse click
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We are proud to represent communities, helping them fund
community-centric projects through the web and social media.

Helping turn innovative ideas
into funded realities

Whether you have an idea for a school, non-profit organization or for-profit small business, a huge challenge is simply raising the capital to logistically launch such an endeavor. We can help turn such dreams into realities by connecting you with a community of individuals willing to invest in such a dream.

Crowdfunding Services LLC creates sites specific to a community or region, providing community-centric awareness to local projects looking to raise funds. Such strategies, combined with social media, give individuals the opportunity to directly support their community.

launch a community site

If your community does not yet have a Crowdfunding site, don't wait any longer!

Crowdfunding Services LLC can help a community form an L3C where they can own up to 75% of a community-centric crowdfunding site. The goal is to strengthen economic growth and development by making projects readily accessible to individuals who are looking to invest back into their community.

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